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It can be used once single use or may be returned to the factory processing for reuse.

Role of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior in Mauritius

The positivism approach will help to develop the relationship between business phenomena for explanation and relations among phenomenon. To study and identify the elements which should be highlighted while designing the packaging for the companies in India New Delhi From the above analysis it can be stated that the marketing team and managers should focus on the quality of packaging material of the milk products.

It shows the high-quality product among customers. While designing a product, the manufacturing companies always take into account the pertinent needs of their target audience. Additionally, various recommendations have been made following which the marketing team and marketing managers can develop packaging characteristics of the products.

If you have kept in view the key elements of an effective packaging; you are likely to nail your target market insightfully. The sales and marketing of the product is again depends on the accuracy of packaging of the milk product.

This research is based on principles of scientific methods, which was developed in the nineteenth century first by John Stuart mill. According to QiThe positivist paradigm explores the detailed and descriptive analysis of the research information.

In the big market every consumer has different desires and wants, so the manufacturer should think what target customer he wants for his product or where he should introduce his product in order to make profits and growth.

Almost all the packaging designs are crafted keeping in view the chemical, biological and physical factors that can tamper with the products.

In this context, seeking to maximize the effectiveness of package in a buying place, the II. This includes essential plot information precise locating of scene or comment e. Consumer buying behavior can be influenced by many external factors such as culture, social, political environment, packaging and many more.

This can also help to increase the consumer learning level and awareness about the product. It must be such that it should avoid any direct or indirect chemical change in the milk. R square has a very low value displaying a weak regression model as well as the p value is also insignificant which shows the regression showing the overall significance of the packaging attributes upon the buying behavior cannot be considered to be strong or upto the mark.

Moreover, consumers prefer to buy milk products which have eco friendly and easy to use packaging system. Thus the consumer does buy milk frequently being attracted by the packaging characteristics of milk.

This sounds silly, but could you describe your packaging to a young child and send her into the store to successfully find it. There were also some limitations to collect the survey such as time consumptions, money etc, due to the large geographical area.

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There is a relationship between buying behaviour and information of packaging of FMCG milk products in India The relation between buying behaviour and information of packaging to described that the product is is genuine it means that the product is new. Beyond containing a great product it must be functional.

The research is based in Patan District of Gujarat India. This information is compulsory to handle the process inputs in order to optimize output. Essay UK - http: A cross-tabulation is a two or more dimensional table that records the number frequency of respondents that have the specific characteristics described in the cells of the table.

Buster, a drain cleaning product, proved this by raising sales 42 percent after introducing a small package devoid of any bold graphics. If you try to cram too much into the design, you might defeat the purpose. There is a relationship between buying behaviour and background culture of packaging of FMCG milk products in India.

It is true that a packaging needs to be protected, but it should be easy opening as well. The information can be expressed in following ways in the form of characteristics of packaging Parmar, et al. Multiple choice question were posted on GoogleDocs using five Likert scale 1 strongly disagree 2disagree 3neutral 4agree 5 and strongly agree.

Key Elements to Good Product Packaging 04/22/ LA Pride Design, Print Design In the shopping world today, about half the struggle is getting the customer to notice your product packaging. Figure III. Elements of Packaging (Rank 4) Text and Material are the element of packaging which were ranked fifth by majority of respondents followed by size and shape.

Figure III. Elements of Packaging (Rank 5) Text has been the least preferred element of packaging.

The Most Important Three Elements of Product Packaging

Visual elements can be related more to the influential Show More. branding and packaging Essay More about Essay The Role of Packaging.

Attractive Packaging and Product Display Words | 4 Pages; branding and packaging Essay Words | 6 Pages; The Importance of Food Packaging. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 4, April ISSN sgtraslochi.com Effect.

The Most Important Three Elements of Product Packaging. Designing and building packaging that is attractive, durable, and engaging, all while remaining affordable and realistic, is a tall order.

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It is no secret that a brand’s packaging has the power to make or break its profits, which is why so much time, energy, and research is poured into.

Packaging elements like Packaging color. Background Image, Packaging Material, Font Style, Design of wrapper, Printed Information and Innovation is taken as predictors. Due to increasing self-service and changing consumers’ lifestyle the interest in package as a tool of sales promotion and stimulator of impulsive buying behavior is growing.

Elements of packaging essay
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