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More essays like this: The patient may not want to clarify certain statements. In stark contrast, we take the mutual support of family members for granted. In end-of-life care, the eldest son will usually be expected to make decisions. Cleanliness is another important aspect of Islamic tradition.

We do not have to worry about how to do mundane or even very important things, as there is a set custom or procedure to do it. Western concepts of autonomy are alien to the East Indian culture which emphasizes interconnectedness and downplays individualism.

Argumentative Essay on Tradition – An Obstacle to Progress

Mental illness is one of the most feared medical conditions among Arab Muslims. Traditions such as the Christmas tree came from a combination of history and fashion. They might be old classic films such as A Christmas Carol, or they might be a new family animation that has humor to entertain both adults and children, such as Frozen.

If there is a tradition of marriage within the same or related clan, then the decision is far easier and easily acceptable. Today families put up their trees around 2 weeks before Christmas and hang decorations and lights on it.

Children are looking for acceptance in their family, involving them in these family rituals proves to them they are a big part of the family. Ask the older patient about the need for spiritual guidance and prayer while health decisions are being made.

Instead, they want to share common values and respect traditions, which were important for their ancestors. Mental wellness occurs when psychological and physiologic functions are integrated. Spiritually based Vietnamese beliefs affect end-of-life decision making which may include: Hwabyung fire illness is a concept that many older Korean women believe in where the illness is believed to be caused by failing to keep their emotions from being expressed openly as tradition requires.

Families also tend to watch films on Christmas Day and around the festive period.

Culture and Traditions Essay Sample

Our family history is our past and our values have been conveyed from parents to children, generation after generation. For instance, as I learned the history of my family life in the time of Great Depression, I accustomed to take financial difficulties easy as provisional problems because I am certain that my family will help me as well as I will help my family and altogether we will stumble through the hardest time.

Families may be expect to be involved and may expect to be provided with substantial information regarding treatment plans. This is a tradition influenced by the media as many channels put on classic Christmas films that engage the whole family.

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Following tradition, therefore, guides our lives and saves us from the many pitfalls and dangers. Sprouts are also a staple item on a Christmas dinner; this is due to the fact that they are in season in December. Both my mother and my father went with their families to find a tree each year and decided they were going to continue the traditions with us.

Conclusion Whilst families may have their own take on the family traditions, they all have similar reasons for why they do them. Ask older patients of Arab ancestry if they prefer to make their own health decisions or if they would prefer to involve or defer to others in the decision-making process.

Even when we are apart and have not seen each other for years, we will definitely help each other just because we are the family.

Family Traditions Essay Sample

Each family creates their own traditions and rituals, including the children. Fasting or upwas is a common practice among the elderly particularly women as it is thought to spiritually strengthen the person and bring good luck to the family.

Each family member is vulnerable to the impact of family traditions and cultural legacy since the early days of his or her life Walker, Christmas Day often means that the family is together as there are no distractions, such as shops or pubs open.

In the past Goose was served on Christmas Day, however today turkey is the meat of choice. Many will avoid surgery believing that the body needs to stay intact so that the soul will have a place to live during future visits to the earth stems from belief in reincarnation.

My family is as close as ever when it comes to family traditions. I have noticed that family traditions have evolved and adapted in order to suit the modern day. Also I recall his stories about the Great Depression, when our family was on the edge of survival.

Some traditions have changed slightly over the years, such as when people used to eat goose at Christmas, however most families adopted the new tradition due to the circumstances of the price of turkey. Culture and Traditions Essay Sample. Cultural Traditions and Healthcare Beliefs of Some Older Adults The following information is based on generalizations.

Always note that there will be individual differences in patients and families. The cultural behaviours will also be affected by the acculturation process. Customs and traditions are traditional nation which human race depends on to develop.

Family Traditions essay

They are very wonderful and helpful. They should be considered important, and something that should reside in peoples" heart. Customs and traditions are extremely important, and they have both good and bad facets.3/5(5).

Family Traditions essay As a rule, family traditions are important in the life of each family and each family member. The maintenance of family traditions and conveying family history from one member to another is exactly what makes the family the solid unit, whose members feel close relations and unity.

Family Traditions Essay Sample. Family traditions and rituals have made a great impact on my life and the way I want my children to be raised. Every year me and my family go and find a Christmas tree for our living room.

We go every year about two weeks before Christmas and find the perfect tree. For the past thirteen years it is been me.

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Introduction. In this essay I will be discussing family traditions and the reasons behind them. I have noticed that family traditions have evolved and adapted in order to suit the modern day.

Cultural traditions are important because they transmit shared values, stories and goals from one generation to the next. Traditions encourage groups of people to create and share a collective identity, which in turn serves to shape individual identities.

Traditions essay
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